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                                    Natural Gas Pipeline Legacy Engine Lean Burn Conversions



CTS can provide technologies, experience and implementation of conversions for natural gas pipeline engines to meet the latest EPA emissions regulations. The CTS team has experience with complete engine rebuilding, adding turbocharger systems, cooling systems, lean burn ignition technologies and improved fuel injection methods for a complete lean burn package with single point responsibility for performance and emissions.

Some engines require updating while others need a conversion from rich burn to lean burn. CTS can provide ultra-lean burn upgrades that can reduce emissions while improving engine reliability and decreasing fuel consumption.

CTS’s Dynamic Spark Ignition can operate engines at extremely lean mixtures providing very low NOx emissions while expanding the operating range, reducing mechanical stresses and reducing fuel consumption.

The following is a list of stationary engines from 50 to 20,000 horsepower with which we have experience:

CTS NGPT Ultra-Lean Burn Suite Review

  • CTS NGPT’s lean burn ignition – Dynamic Spark Ignition
  • CTS NGPT’s high penetration fuel valves – cam actuated fuel valve type
  • High flow turbochargers – new
  • High performance aftercoolers and radiator systems – air to air and air to water
  • High performance air filtration systems
  • CTS NGPT’s high flow intake manifolds – CTS NGPT performance engineered
  • CTS NGPT’s high flow exhaust manifolds – CTS NGPT performance engineered
  • CTS NGPT’s power cylinder enhancements – precision honed, CryoAged, ported
  • Camshaft replacements for durability, consistency and improved performDSI GMV Specsance
  • Engine controls
  • Compressor controls

CTS NGPT provides these products and services with confidence and the backing of 30+ years of dependable race engine development experience and natural gas pipeline engine experience.

  • Tested on over 32 different engine types
  • Tested by Southwest Research Institute, Oak Ridge National Labs, USDA, L-3 Combat Propulsion Systems, Mercury Marine, Cummins Power Generation, CSU
  • Predecessor plasma ignition systems from ENOX Technologies operated for over 15 years without failures.

CTS NGPT provides simple, elegant and effective solutions for low NOx performance.

Performance results:

  • .5 g/hp hr NOx
  • Lower peak firing pressures
  • 2.5 in Hg delta exhaust to intake

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