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Joseph E Anderson II CTS FounderJoseph E. Anderson, II

Anderson, the founder of CTS, is a natural team leader with deep roots in “Skunk Works” methodology and the dedication to the truth of technical discovery. He has been successfully involved in a variety of companies from the application of automation processes to the designing and building of internal combustion engines. His ability to visualize the application of various technologies to accomplish a goal is a strength only matched by his ability to get it done.

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Headshot_1Joseph V. Parlanti

Joe Parlanti joined the team in September of 2009 as the Director of Systems Integration. Joe graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His early career was spent in the Aerospace industry where he worked on the design and project management of missile launching systems and flight simulation programs for the Department of Defense and NASA. He also worked for several years performing data analysis and race engineering functions for a variety of Indy Car teams. A transition into the Biomedical field saw a change in focus to senior management of Information Technology corporate infrastructures. Joe also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Treatment and Learning Centers, an organization dedicated to improving the lives and expanding possibilities for individuals with special needs.

Joe is an avid automobile enthusiast who restores classic British cars and actively campaigns his 1959 Abarth Zagato in vintage automobile racing.

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Jason Duvall

Jason Duvall was welcomed to the CTS team as the Senior Mechanical Technician and Project Operations Engineer in October 2009. Focusing on Automotive Mechanics in school, Jason grew up with a passion for engines, cars and drag racing. His early interests led him to careers in automotive repair specialization, fabrication, optic ceramic hot pressing and mechanical engineering before finding his niche at Combined Technology Solutions. As a dedicated and ambitious individual, Jason is a hard worker who embraces tough challenges with determination and perseverance–we are very glad to have him as a part of our team at CTS.

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Carol L. Knott

Carol Knott joined the CTS team as the Office Manager in October of 2015.  Prior to coming on board with CTS, Carol worked in the Banking and Insurance industries for many years.  With her interpersonal, communicational and organizational skills, Carol brings an added dynamic to our team.  Combined with her ability and enthusiasm to learn using the “deep-end” learning technique, she is adapting well in a new world of technology and solutions.  Carol is a life-long resident of Ridgely and enjoys being with her family.  She also likes to read and has a deep passion for music.  We welcome Carol to our team here at CTS.

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