CTS offers a full service capability for all types of internal combustion engines:

Unmanned Aerial VehiclesIMG_0544

  • Engine endurance testing, 150hr and 500hr with propellers
  • Data acquisition equipment
  • Engine dynamometer testing
  • Propeller load, thrust and noise level testing
  • Full machine shop capabilities
  • Cryo Aging


Automotive Engine Development and TestingCTS Engine Test Cell 1

  • Full machine shop capabilities
  • Engine building services for high performance and racing applications
  • 2000 horsepower Super Flow engine dynamometer
  • ECM programming
  • Supercharger installations
  • Cryo Aging

Automotive Race PreparationDSC00159

  • Engine development and tuning
  • Suspension development and tuning
  • Roll cages and safety systems


Automotive RestorationMM_1

  • Full mechanical restoration
  • Performed to any level


Natural Gas Pipeline ServicesIMG_0473

  • Lean burn conversions – complete or partial
  • Ignition installation
  • 2 stroke cylinder modifications
  • EPA protocol emissions testing
  • Engineering and troubleshooting services
  • Cryo Aging

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