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CTS Dynamic Spark Ignition X Prize Cadillac

CTS X Prize Contender

Combined Technology Solutions, CTS, is using skunk works methodology and racing technology to build their 100 MPG vehicle using a GM Cadillac CTS.

A low rolling resistance technology, developed by CTS, will help improve losses usually experienced by production cars while improving handling. The car will be powered, in part, by a small displacement, high horsepower, internal combustion engine with the CTS Lean Burn technology. This technology, while developed to reduce emissions, will be used to increase fuel mileage while having high horsepower when required.

The engine will be able to use most fuels; gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, ethanol, E85, methanol, propane or any combination. The multi-fuel lean burn engine will run through a novel 6 speed transmission to the rear wheels.xprize


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